Naps Are for Big Girls Too!

    “Naps Are for Big Girls Too!” Friend, Nov. 1979, 8

    Naps Are for Big Girls Too!

    Audrey liked to be awake. She liked to play with her friends Karen and Sue. Her mother and her grandmother were fun to be with too. Audrey liked to run and jump and chase her shadow. Some days she even liked helping with chores around the house.

    The one thing Audrey didn’t like, though, was taking naps. Every afternoon when Mother suggested that Audrey lie down for a little while, Audrey would pout and say, “Do I have to?” Audrey was afraid she might miss doing something she enjoyed while she slept.

    “Audrey, it’s time for your nap,” Mother announced shortly after lunch one day.

    “Oh, Mother, could I skip my nap just this one time?” Audrey pleaded.

    “But if you do, you’ll feel cranky and tired later on,” Mother warned.

    “No, I won’t. I promise, Mother. Just let me skip my nap for today,” Audrey persisted.

    “Well, OK, just this once,” Mother agreed, but Audrey noticed she didn’t look very pleased.

    As Audrey raced over to Karen’s house, she felt very grown up.

    “Where’s Karen?” she asked Karen’s mother.

    “Karen is napping,” her friend’s mother answered.

    Audrey felt disappointed as she walked next door to Sue’s house. She knocked on the back door and asked if Sue could play with her.

    “I’m sorry, Audrey,” Sue’s mother said, “but she’s in her room taking a nap. Perhaps later.”

    Unhappily, Audrey started home. Maybe Mother or Grandmother will play with me, she thought, rubbing her eyes.

    When she was home again, Audrey looked up at Mother, who was busy sewing.

    “Mother, will you play a game with me?” Audrey asked.

    “Honey, I can’t now,” Mother told Audrey, glancing at the clock. “I’ve promised to hem this dress for your grandmother. She needs to wear it tonight.”

    “Where’s Grandmother?” asked Audrey.

    “She’s taking a nap,” Mother explained.

    “But Grandmother is too old to take naps,” Audrey said in surprise.

    “Audrey, people don’t take naps because of their age. They take naps because they’re tired and need to rest,” Mother explained, smiling.

    Audrey knew what Mother said made sense, for already she was beginning to feel tired. She let out a yawn and then said, “Mother?”

    “What, Audrey?” Mother asked.

    “I don’t think I want to skip my nap after all. I think I’ll go lay down for a while like Grandmother. I’m sort of tired too.”

    Then Audrey kissed her mother and hurried off to her room.

    Illustrated by Dilleen Marsh