Indian Corn Beads

    “Indian Corn Beads,” Friend, Nov. 1979, 35


    Indian Corn Beads

    In the fall many food stores have Indian corncobs for sale. All the corn kernels on a single cob can be the same color, or sometimes they’re multicolored. Perhaps you would like to make a pretty corn kernel necklace for yourself or to give one as a gift. One corncob makes one or two necklaces, depending on their length.

    First, push the kernels from the cob with your fingers, one row at a time. They come off easily.

    Since the kernels from the cob are too hard to put a needle through, cover them with water and soak them for at least twelve hours. The kernels will swell as they soften.

    When the corn kernels have softened, thread an embroidery needle with floss, string, or fishing line. Be sure to have the string long enough for the necklace you want. Thread the kernels onto the string with the needle, pushing it through the white part of the kernel. Tie the ends of the string in a knot, and let the necklace dry.

    Dry beans can also be made into necklaces in the same way. If you use beans and want to color them, add a small amount of food coloring to the soaking water.

    Illustrated by Dick Brown