“Matching,” Friend, Nov. 1979, 23


    Match each word with the description that most nearly defines its meaning.

    1. Baptism

    a. When we talk to our Heavenly Father.

    2. Tithing

    b. To not eat or drink for a certain period of time.

    3. Obey

    c. To give one tenth of all we earn to the Church.

    4. Commandments

    d. Father of the ward.

    5. Prayer

    e. Ordinance that must be performed to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    6. Forgive

    f. To pardon an unkindness and forget it.

    7. Missionary

    g. To do as we are told.

    8. Bishop

    h. One who teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to others.

    9. Sacrament

    i. Bread and water in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    10. Fasting

    j. Laws our Heavenly Father has given us to obey.