The Day There Was No Night
December 1978

“The Day There Was No Night,” Friend, Dec. 1978, 10

The Day There Was No Night

(A Christmas play about the people of Zarahemla)


Voice of Christ
Children to read verses, hold pictures (you might borrow from meetinghouse library), sing, and take parts of men and women speaking

NOTE: For a family home evening presentation, children could take more than one part.

Chorus: “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

Verses: (Children could hold pictures depicting events as given in verses.)

First child: Long before the Christ child came to earth in Galilee, Isaiah, prophet of the Lord, was privileged to see. The virgin mother and the Child as they would one day be.

Second child: And Samuel, standing on the wall, declared the time of birth. Was nearing when the Lord would come to bless all men of worth, And how the skies would fill with light the day He came to earth.

Third child: In Zarahemla Nephi knew Samuel’s promise was at hand, A day of light, a night, a day, then they could understand. That far away in Bethlehem, cradled in the hay, The little Baby Jesus was born on Christmas Day.

Chorus: “Away in a Manager”

Scene I

Living room in Zarahemla, mothers seated, with mending or sewing or just talking.

First woman: (opening imaginary door in welcome) Come in, Sarah. We are all here now. I’m glad that you could come.

Second woman: We were so happy you suggested that we mothers in Zarahemla have a day of fasting and come together in prayer.

Third woman: Yes, indeed, these are troubled times.

Fourth woman: The unbelievers taunt us wherever we go, saying we are foolish to look for the prophet Samuel’s sign.

First woman: Yes, they laugh and ask how the sun could go down and no darkness come.

Fourth woman: They say our faith is vain.

Third woman: And it’s sad, but some of our own loved ones who are weak are being led away from the truth.

First woman: Even though there are many great signs and miracles every day.

Third woman: Gathering together like this to fast and pray will strengthen us.

First woman: We are all ready. Sister Sarah, will you lead us in a prayer for faith and courage? (All kneel.)

Scene II

Nephi is talking to some men who are meeting out-of-doors

First man: (entering hurriedly) Nephi, did you hear?

Nephi: Yes, we are discussing it.

Second man: The wicked have set a day when all who believe on Samuel’s sign will be put to death.

Third man: Unless Samuel’s prophecy comes true.

Second man: Our women and children must be protected.

Third man: Some mothers have met at my home today in fasting and prayer.

Fourth man: But many of our sons are being led astray.

Nephi: The wickedness of the unbelievers fills me with great sorrow. Return to your homes and your families. Gather them together and stay close to them. I shall pray to the Lord for my people. (Nephi leaves and kneels to pray.)

Christ’s voice: (light above Nephi) 3 Nephi 1:13–14 [3 Ne. 1:13–14]

Song: “First Christmas in America” (See page 20.)

Scene III

Nephi presiding over families gathered together

Nephi: Greetings, my brothers and sisters. What wondrous things have happened! Surely we are favored of all people to be born in this land of promise and in this the greatest day in the earth’s history.

First woman: We shall have much to tell our children and our children’s children.

Second woman: They shall not soon forget—nor shall we—the night without darkness that blessed our land when the day and night and day were like unto one day.

First man: Was it not a lovely light, like a radiance that filled our souls?

Nephi: It was a new light, clean and sweet, so unlike the bright sunshine of the day. Yet, there was a burning without pain, a searing into the conscience, deep into one’s inner thoughts.

Second man: And what of the unbelievers, Nephi? Did they see it as fulfillment of Samuel’s prophecy?

Nephi: The light and the wonder of the star penetrated the hearts of many of the unbelievers. They have released all the brethren held for death, and many have repented and now believe in Samuel’s words. Yet only those with faith know the meaning of this great happening. Down the ages through all time the story will be told of the bright star that heralded the birth of the Holy Babe, the Lord, Jesus Christ, Savior of Mankind, and of the miracle of light shown unto God’s people on this promised land. Let us cherish these things and give thanks unto God.

Photos by Eldon Linschoten