Laura Goes to Conference

    “Laura Goes to Conference,” Friend, Oct. 1977, 44

    Laura Goes to Conference

    Twice each year members of the Church travel to Salt Lake City to attend general conference. Some must travel long distances across oceans and continents, but Laura Egbert and her family live in Salt Lake City so they have only a short journey from their home to the Tabernacle. Attending conference is a new and exciting experience for Laura.

    1. With the Nauvoo Bell in the background, the Egberts talk with friends while waiting to enter the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

    2. Sister Kimball greets Laura before conference begins.

    3. When the General Authorities enter the Tabernacle, they pause to say hello to Sister Kimball as Elders Bruce R. McConkie and Mark E. Petersen are doing.

    4. Sitting in the balcony, Laura’s family can observe the large audience.

    5. Everyone attending, watching, or listening to conference has an opportunity to sustain the General Authorities of the Church.

    6. The audience listens attentively to the speakers.

    7. When conference is over Laura and her family wave to friends.

    8. Before leaving the Tabernacle, chief organist Alexander Schreiner takes time to show Laura the famous organ.

    Photos by Marilyn Erd