September Calendar

“September Calendar,” Friend, Sept. 1972, 25

September Calendar

September was originally the seventh month (the Latin word septem means “seven”) of the old Roman calendar that began in March. When Julius Caesar changed the calendar to begin January first, September became the ninth month of the year.

Japanese Mission opened: September 1, 1901.

Tabernacle Choir began broadcasting on KSL radio: September 4, 1932.

Sewing machine patented by Elias Howe: September 10, 1846.

Norway Mission opened: September 10, 1851.

First LDS branch organized in Copenhagen, Denmark: September 15, 1850.

Miska Petersham: famous Hungarian illustrator for children’s books. Born September 20, 1888.

Ferdinand Magellan began trip around world: September 20, 1519.

Angel Moroni’s first visit to Prophet Joseph Smith: September 21, 1823.

First day of autumn, Northern Hemisphere: September 23

Balboa discovered Pacific Ocean: September 25, 1513.

First handcart companies arrived in Salt Lake Valley: September 26, 1856.

Illustrated by Ginger Brown