July Calendar

“July Calendar,” Friend, July 1972, 25

July Calendar

July originally had thirty-six days and was the fifth month of the Roman calendar. The month was then known as Quintilis, meaning “fifth.” When Julius Caesar changed the calendar in 44 B.C., July became the seventh month of the year and contained thirty-one days. Since Caesar was born on the twelfth day of this month, the Roman senate later honored him by changing the name of the month to Julius. In English this name is July.

Site for Salt Lake Temple chosen by Brigham Young: July 28, 1847.

First LDS missionaries arrived in Tongan Islands: July 15, 1891.

Women’s Relief Society organized in Mexico: July 7, 1887.

Mormon Battalion organized: July 15, 1846.

United States Independence Day: July 4, 1776.

Pioneer Day. Mormon Pioneers entered Salt Lake Valley: July 24, 1847.