“Riddles,” Friend, July 1972, 26


Why is a large book like a forest? It has many, many leaves.

What did the brownie do in the kitchen with a needle and thread? Soda cracker.

What is funnier than seeing an apple turnover? Seeing the sugar bowl.

When were letters used as clothing? When knights wore coats of mail.

Why is an earthquake like large malted milk? Because they are both big shakes.

What can you put into a glass but never take out? A crack.

What is more useful when it is used up? An umbrella.

Why is your nose in the middle of you face? Because it is the scenter.

Why is the letter k like a pig’s tail? Because it is at the end of pork.

If a man smashed a clock, would he be blamed for killing time? Not if the clock struck first.

Why is it difficult for a leopard to hide? No matter where it goes, it’s always spotted.

What did the egg say to the floor? Look out, I’m cracking up.