Printing with Fruits and Vegetables

“Printing with Fruits and Vegetables,” Friend, July 1972, 23

Printing with Fruits and Vegetables

Printing with fruits and vegetables can be fun. You can make greeting cards, stationery, or paintings to hang on a wall.

Make your own ink pad by placing several layers of paper towels on a large flat dish. Carefully pour waterproof drawing ink over the paper towels until towels are wet and soggy.

Select different fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lemons, green peppers, artichokes, or potatoes.

Make a clean cut through fruit or vegetable. You may make prints with the wet cut fruit or vegetable, or you may let them dry for twenty-four hours before printing with the cut dry fruit or vegetable. The wet or dry prints will appear different from one another when using the same fruit or vegetable. Ink the wet or dry fruit or vegetable on the ink pad and print on newsprint, rice paper, or construction paper. Experiment with different colors, fruits, and vegetables.