March Calendar

“March Calendar,” Friend, Mar. 1972, 25

March Calendar

The Vernal Equinox is the point at which the center of the sun moves across the celestial equator from south to north. It marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and occurs about March 21. Equinox is the Latin word meaning “equal” and signifies the time of year when day and night are equal in time.

In the year 4246 B.C. the Egyptians used the first calendar based upon the solar year. This was a twelve-month calendar and each month contained thirty days. To make the calendar come out even with the sun, the Egyptians added five days at the end of the year—and six days every fourth year. The five days were not a part of any month, but were used together as feast days in honor of their gods.

March was the first month of the ancient Roman calendar. Julius Caesar revised the calendar in 46 B.C. and changed the beginning of the Roman year from March to January. The Romans then called the month Martius in honor of Mars, the legendary god of war.

March 1, 1869: ZCMI commenced business in the Eagle Emporium, Salt Lake City, Utah.

March 6, 1862: The Salt Lake Theater dedicated. The opening performance March 8 was “Pride of the Market” and “State Secrets.”

March 7, 1853: Edward Stevenson and Nathan T. Porter arrived at Gilbraltar and the first LDS missionaries to Spain.

March 11, 1956: Los Angeles Temple dedicated by President David O. McKay.

March 18–25, 1830: The first copies of the Book of Mormon printed.

March 27, 1836: The Lord’s House, afterward known as the Kirtland Temple, dedicated.

March 30, 1883: The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railway completed between Salt Lake City and Denver.

March 31, 1864: Apostle Lorenzo Snow had a narrow escape from drowning while attempting to land at Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

Alexander Graham Bell: American scientist and inventor. Born March 3, 1847.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: English poetess. Born March 6, 1806.

Kenneth Grahame: English author. Born March 8, 1859.

Transatlantic Radio: First broadcast March 12, 1925.

Johann Strauss: Austrian composer. Born March 14, 1804.

Albert Einstein: Scientist/Mathematician. Born March 14, 1879.

St. Patrick’s Day: March 17

Johann Sebastian Bach: German composer. Born March 21, 1685.

Randolph Caldecott: English illustrator. Born March 22, 1846.

Arturo Toscanini: Italian conductor. Born March 24, 1867.

Illustrated by Virginia Sargent