When I’m All Alone

    “When I’m All Alone,” Friend, Nov. 1971, inside front cover

    When I’m All Alone

    Did Jesus, when he was a child like me,

    Kneel and pray beside his mother’s knee?

    And in the desert when the tempter came,

    Did Jesus seek his Father’s help and call his name?

    I’m sure he did.

    On the mount when the multitude was there,

    Jesus and all the people knelt in prayer,

    And Jesus taught them what the prayer should say.

    Oh, how blessed were all the children on that day!

    But did he seek some help beside his own

    When trouble came and he was all alone?

    Oh, was there any time when Jesus prayed

    Like I do, ’cause it’s dark and I’m afraid?

    Oh, yes!

    He went into the mountain all alone

    And prayed for courage greater than his own.

    And in the garden of Gethsemane

    Jesus prayed, “Oh, Father, please help me.”

    His closest friends slept on; he was alone.

    But he found strength to say, “Thy will be done.”

    And so can we.

    Illustrated by Dick Brown