November Calendar

    “November Calendar,” Friend, Nov. 1971, 25

    November Calendar

    When my heart feels grateful

    All the world is glad;

    When I don’t say, “Thank you,”

    I’m the one who’s sad.

    November 1, 1808: John Taylor, 3rd president of the Church, born in England.

    November 2: All Souls’ Day in Italy (To commemorate dead).

    November 3, 1794: William Cullen Bryant, American poet, born.

    November 6, 1854: John Philip Sousa, American conductor and composer, born.

    November 7, 1805: Lewis and Clark, explorers, reach Pacific Ocean.

    November 8, 1895: Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the X ray.

    November 10, 1759: Johann Schiller, German poet, born.

    November 13, 1850: Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish poet, born.

    November 17, 1964: Oakland Temple dedicated by Pres. David O. McKay.

    November 23, 1918: Heber J. Grant sustained as 7th president of the Church.

    November 25: Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

    November 27, 1919: Hawaiian Temple dedicated by Pres. Heber J. Grant.

    November 28, 1869: YWMIA organized in Salt Lake City.

    November 29, 1833: Louisa May Alcott, American author, born.

    November 30, 1667: Jonathan Swift, author, born in Ireland.