A Time to Talk

“A Time to Talk,” Friend, Aug. 1971, 19

A Time to Talk

If this is the first year you will be going to school, you need to know the way to walk there. You could try walking with your mother or one of your brothers and sisters. When you are sure you know the right way to go, you could walk all by yourself. Maybe you will ride a school bus to school. Then you will need to know where the bus will stop to pick you up and where it will bring you when you return home.

Schools are mostly friendly places. Schools can be places where you will make friends. You will remember most of what happens every day at school. For some boys and girls, it will be the first time they have been in groups with many children. For some, it will be the first time that they have been away from home for more than a few hours. Sometimes this can be frightening. Sometimes it can be sad. If you become frightened or sad, remember, you will soon be used to it. In a little while you will be learning, playing, and enjoying life with many children.

In a way, the children in school will become a part of your family. And just as your family life doesn’t always run smooth, your life in school will not always run smooth either. Put a smile on your lips and one in your heart. School days can be fun, and remember, a little prayer goes a long way to help you too.