Calendar for March 1971

“Calendar for March 1971,” Friend, Mar. 1971, 24

Calendar for March 1971

Except in March a wind is a breeze,

A gentle tug, a playful tease.

But in March on the hill, a wind is a kite,

Tugging, lifting, soaring out of sight.

March 1: Wilford Woodruff, 4th President of the Church, 1807–1898.

March 2, 1952: Primary Children’s Hospital dedicated.

March 3, 1889: Eiffel Tower opened in Paris.

March 4, 1789: George Washington became first President of the United States.

March 6: Michelangelo, Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet, 1475–1564.

March 11: Danish national holiday, birthday of the King.

March 15, 1521: Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines.

March 17, 1842: Relief Society organized in Nauvoo, Illinois.

March 19: William Allingham, Irish poet, 1824–1889.

March 27, 1836: First LDS temple, Kirtland, Ohio, dedicated by Joseph Smith.

March 29, 1867: Canada became a self-governing dominion in the British Empire.

March 30, 1867: U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia.

March 31: Joseph Haydn, Austrian composer, 1732–1809.

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson