What Does the Fruit in Lehi’s Vision Symbolize?
January 2020

“What Does the Fruit in Lehi’s Vision Symbolize?” Ensign, January 2020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

1 Nephi 8–10 (January 13–19)

What Does the Fruit in Lehi’s Vision Symbolize?

meaning of fruit in Lehi’s vision

In Lehi’s vision, what does the fruit, which is “desirable above all other fruit,” symbolize? (1 Nephi 8:12).

“The fruit on the tree is a symbol for the blessings of [Jesus Christ’s] Atonement. Partaking of the fruit of the tree represents the receiving of ordinances and covenants whereby the Atonement can become fully efficacious in our lives” (David A. Bednar, “Lehi’s Dream: Holding Fast to the Rod,” Ensign, Oct. 2011, 34).

These ordinances include baptism, confirmation, the sacrament, priesthood ordination for men, and temple ordinances.

Finding the Fruit

The iron rod, or the word of God, leads us to Jesus Christ because scriptures and modern prophets invite us to participate in ordinances and covenants and help us understand Jesus Christ’s teachings, mission, and sacrifice.

  • What words from the scriptures or from modern prophets have led you to Jesus Christ?

Staying with the Fruit

Some people in Lehi’s vision abandoned the fruit because of the scoffing and ridicule of others. To remain with the fruit is to stay true to our covenants and to frequent those places where covenants are made.

Sharing the Fruit

After Lehi ate the fruit, he wanted to share it with his family so they could feel of the “exceedingly great joy” he felt (1 Nephi 8:12).

  • How can you share your love of Jesus Christ and help others participate in ordinances?