Preparing to Hear God’s Voice
March 2018

“Preparing to Hear God’s Voice,” Ensign, March 2018


Preparing to Hear God’s Voice

youth preparing for general conference

President Uchtdorf explains how the first thing God did after creating man and woman was speak to them and give them precious information and instructions. We get that same blessing in April and October during general conference, when Church leaders address us and give us counsel that the Lord wants us to hear.

Have you ever heard God’s voice through His servants during general conference? Have you ever felt like one specific message gave you an answer you’d been searching for? In a journal, you could write down that experience and how it helped you. Then prepare to hear the Lord’s voice this upcoming conference by writing down questions you have and studying them during your scripture study. Pray to Heavenly Father, asking to receive answers and insights during conference. As you listen to the servants of the Lord, focus on individual promptings. What have you learned? How did you feel inspired to change? Write down those promptings because that’s the Spirit speaking to you!

Always remember that Heavenly Father loves you and will guide you in the right direction. As you strive to hear His voice through His servants, you will be blessed and edified.