New Era Connection
March 2018

New Era Connection,” Ensign, March 2018

New Era Connection

The New Era magazine is there for your teens—and for you. See how this month’s issue can help you talk with them and teach them.

New Era Connection article

A Testimony of the Savior

This month, the New Era contains three articles that focus on faith in Jesus Christ.

  • A collection of testimonies of the Savior from each of the Presidents of the Church from Joseph Smith to Russell M. Nelson (page 2).

  • President Russell M. Nelson teaches young people how they can do the impossible through faith in the Lord (page 48).

  • An article comparing facts about Jesus Christ to facts about you in order to help you see that you can, in fact, follow Him (page 16).

Talk with Them

Here are some questions you might ask:

  • How have prophets’ testimonies of Jesus Christ been important for your own personal testimony?

  • What have you learned about Jesus Christ so that you come to truly know Him and follow Him?

Teach Them

In family home evening or other teaching settings, consider using something you saw in the New Era. For instance:

  • Read the prophets’ testimonies (page 2) and share an experience when you heard a prophet testify of Jesus Christ and had your own testimony strengthened.

  • Read the message by Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy about how a testimony of modern prophets led to his conversion (page 34), and share how following a particular teaching of modern prophets helped you in your life.

  • Read the message by President Nelson (page 48), and share how God has helped you do great things through faith and obedience.