He Will Make Our Burdens Light
March 2018

“He Will Make Our Burdens Light,” Ensign, March 2018

Until We Meet Again

He Will Make Our Burdens Light

From “Special Witnesses of Christ,” Ensign, Apr. 2001, 12–13. To watch Elder Hales deliver this message, “Jesus Christ Is the Perfect Example of Obedience,” visit prophets.lds.org and select “Special Witnesses of Christ.”

The Savior’s redeeming power would transform human existence if we would let it.

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I have a great love for the scriptures. I love reading about the mortal life of Jesus Christ. There is so much in His life that can lift and inspire, and strengthen us in our times of need. To me, one of the most sacred chapters in all the scriptures is John chapter 17. The entire chapter is an intercessory prayer offered by Jesus Christ to His Father. He says, in effect, “If only the world could know you as I know you.” He tells His Father that He has done everything He has been asked to do.

Sometimes we forget how remarkably obedient the Savior was. Everything that He did, everything that He said was out of obedience to His Father. His seeking out and caring for the poor, the calling of His disciples, His teachings both in the land of Palestine and in the Americas—all these things were done because His Father had commanded Him to do them. He had no personal agenda. He said, “I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me” (John 8:28). What a perfect example of obedience!

In the choices we make in life, we need to know the Savior. His simple admonition “Come … follow me” (Matthew 19:21) could transform human existence if we would let it. He has the power to make our burdens light if we will turn to Him.

As an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I have the opportunity to bear testimony as a sacred witness of the Savior. My greatest desire is that my testimony might penetrate the hearts of those who hear it.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He guides and directs His Church by revelation through His prophet in this very day and time. If we will have faith in our Savior, He will see us through our trials and tribulations, and we will be able to endure to the end and return to His presence after this mortal probation. He lives and knows and loves each one of us. He so much wants to bless us if we will come unto Him.