Dealing with Differences

“Dealing with Differences,” Ensign, January 2018

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Dealing with Differences

Use the Friend magazine to help your family understand a different sensitive topic each month.

Ensign Magazine, 2018/01 Jan

From a young age, children notice differences in the people around them, and when they point them out, it can be uncomfortable. But by letting children ask about differences and helping them focus on what people have in common, we have a powerful opportunity to help children see everyone as a child of God, regardless of race, religion, ability, or gender.

Talk positively about various differences people might have, and read and learn with your children about people who aren’t like you. This month’s Friend has stories that can help your family get the conversation started on just a few differences.

Forts and Friendship” (page 10)

Callie and Marco have different religions but help each other choose the right. You could use this story to talk with your children about how their friends might do things differently from your family, but those friends can still be good examples.

An Answer for Lucia” (page 26)

Lucia is the only member of the Church in her school. Her classmates are unkind to her because she believes in a different faith. Talk with your family about how we should treat those who are different in our school or neighborhood. We can always be kind.

A Friend for Mr. Maurice” (page 16)

Carter thinks his neighbor Mr. Maurice is really grouchy, but then they get to know each other and become friends. What neighbors could your family get to know better? You can also read “Lucas and the Bully” (page ) and talk about the power our words can have—for bad or good.