A Smile Can Make the Difference
January 2017

“A Smile Can Make the Difference,” Ensign, January 2017


A Smile Can Make the Difference

girl smiling

President Uchtdorf identifies two goals we should have for our actions: love God and love our fellowmen. But sometimes it just isn’t that easy to love others. Throughout your life, there may be times when you find it difficult to interact with others—perhaps someone has hurt you or you have a hard time communicating or getting along with someone. In these moments, try to remember the love you’ve felt from friends, family, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. Remember the joy you felt in those situations and try to imagine if everyone had the opportunity to feel such love. Remember that everyone is a daughter or son of God and is deserving of both His and your love.

Think of a specific person in your life whom you’ve had difficulty getting along with. Include them in your prayers and ask Heavenly Father to open your heart to them. You’ll soon start to see them how He does: as one of His children who deserves love.

After you’ve prayed, do something nice for them! Maybe invite them to a Mutual activity or an outing with friends. Offer to help with a homework assignment. Even just say “hello” and smile at them. The little things can make a big difference … in both of your lives!