Conference Story Index
May 2016

“Conference Story Index,” Ensign, May 2016, 130

Conference Story Index

The following list of selected experiences related during general conference can be used in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. The number refers to the first page of the talk.



Neil L. Andersen

(49) Children and youth are blessed when adults reach out to them in love, teach them the gospel, and welcome them to church.

Mervyn B. Arnold

(53) The mother of Mervyn B. Arnold rescues Heavenly Father’s lost and wounded sheep. Elder Alejandro Patanía’s fisherman brother dies at sea while awaiting rescue during a storm. A friend of Mervyn B. Arnold joins the Church after being fellowshipped for 25 years. A bishop helps rescue 21 young men.

Linda K. Burton

(13) Sisters take action in 1856 to help Saints stranded on the plains. A caring couple helps a refugee family. At her funeral, a former stake Relief Society president is remembered for her service and love.

D. Todd Christofferson

(93) Young D. Todd Christofferson desires to follow in the footsteps of his honest father. A father prays for his son every morning because of his love for him.

Quentin L. Cook

(97) Members of the Thailand Bangkok Mission rejoice upon learning that a temple will be built in Thailand. A deceased daughter is sealed to her family after appearing in the temple to the wife of a General Authority. Despite political unrest, President Gordon B. Hinckley insists on a cornerstone ceremony at the dedication of the Suva Fiji Temple.

Kevin R. Duncan

(33) A sliver emerges from Kevin R. Duncan’s finger after he repeatedly applies ointment and bandages.

Mary R. Durham

(23) A father carrying his daughter across a lake avoids being pulled under water by prying his shoes off his feet.

Cheryl A. Esplin

(6) A devotional speaker teaches the importance of focusing on and serving others. A child learns in Primary that Jesus loves her.

Henry B. Eyring

(19) Two Church members fear that their trials and tests will overcome their faith unless they can regain their love for the Savior and His Church.

(81) Henry B. Eyring feels pain over a family that was not sealed in the temple. A widow who joins the Church anticipates eternal life with her family.

Gerrit W. Gong

(108) A basketball coach encourages young Gerrit W. Gong to try out for soccer. Before going to the temple, a mechanic cleans his hands by scrubbing dishes.

Robert D. Hales

(105) Robert D. Hales receives impressions from the Holy Ghost in his Church service and personal life.

Donald L. Hallstrom

(26) The young daughter of Donald L. Hallstrom writes in a school paper that she will be with Heavenly Father if she dies. Church members in Liberia quote scripture and sing “How Firm a Foundation” with uncommon conviction.

Paul V. Johnson

(121) The adult daughter of Paul V. Johnson dies with a hope in the afterlife and the Resurrection.

Patrick Kearon

(111) Patrick Kearon is not the same after hearing stories of refugees and witnessing dedicated relief workers care for them.

Neill F. Marriott

(10) Neill F. Marriott receives nurturing from her fiancé’s step-grandmother. Neill F. Marriott defends motherhood to an anonymous caller.

Jairo Mazzagardi

(56) As a recent convert to the Church, Jairo Mazzagardi searches for and finds answers to his questions about the Restoration.

Thomas S. Monson

(85) A worthy priesthood holder commands a rescue ship to rescue him and his crew from their life rafts.

Russell M. Nelson

(66) Russell M. Nelson seals a family in the temple after the family’s two deceased daughters plead with him from beyond the veil and their father and brother become temple worthy.

Dallin H. Oaks

(114) Joseph Smith faces opposition while seeking a publisher for the Book of Mormon.

Bonnie L. Oscarson

(87) The Holy Ghost confirms the truth of the gospel to a mother whose son is seriously ill.

Stephen W. Owen

(70) While climbing a mountain on horseback, Stephen W. Owen knows he will be OK if he follows his father. Stephen W. Owen is happy to pass the sacrament. A young man in New Zealand gives a priesthood blessing to his mother.

Ronald A. Rasband

(46) Ronald A. Rasband’s visit to Pakistan is a “golden day” for him and the Saints there. Ronald A. Rasband participates in a Face to Face broadcast.

Dale G. Renlund

(39) As she partakes of the sacrament, a sister in South Africa realizes the personal nature of the Savior’s sacrifice.

Kent F. Richards

(118) Following a temple dedication, Kent F. Richards and his wife are baptized for their ancestors. Kent F. Richards witnesses a three-generation family being baptized for their ancestors.

Steven E. Snow

(36) The prayers of Steven E. Snow and his family become more humble, heartfelt, and sincere as his son recovers from a serious head injury.

Gary E. Stevenson

(29) After losing his car keys, Gary E. Stevenson draws an analogy between keys needed to start a car and priesthood keys needed to run the Church. While her children are being baptized for another temple patron’s ancestors, a mother realizes that they are her ancestors as well.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

(101) Dieter F. Uchtdorf feels the influence of the Holy Ghost as he ponders the restoration of Dresden, Germany, after World War II.

W. Christopher Waddell

(90) A boy in Primary finds it hard to think about Jesus. A father and mother find peace upon learning that they are sealed to their deceased infant son.