New Sizing for Women’s Garments

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“New Sizing for Women’s Garments,” Ensign, September 2015, 10

New Sizing for Women’s Garments

Based on feedback regularly solicited from members, Beehive Clothing continues to update the design of women’s garments to better match wearer preferences. The latest design makes use of a new sizing system based on actual body measurements in inches. Other improvements include a closer fit, consistent sizing across fabrics and styles, and more waist and cup options for a customized fit.

Because the new garments are sized differently than old styles, current garment wearers are encouraged to review sizing charts at store.lds.org and bring their measurements with them when purchasing from Distribution Services. Store associates are being trained to help members understand the new sizing system so that members can make informed buying decisions.

Information is available at store.lds.org in the “Help” section, and questions may be directed to your local Distribution Services store or the Global Service Center.