Sharing the Gospel Online
June 2014

“Sharing the Gospel Online,” Ensign, June 2014, 19

Sharing the Gospel Online

The author lives in Metro Manila, Philippines.

I knew what I believed, but I felt nervous trying to answer all the questions my debate team had about the Church.

I have not always been courageous in sharing the gospel with my friends. Many of them knew of my religion, but I never did more to share my testimony. Nevertheless, if someone had the wrong idea about the Church, I tried my best to correct it.

When I started college, I joined the debate society. The other members discovered I was a Latter-day Saint when I corrected them on what was said about “the Mormons” after a debate. I had never talked about my religion before, so I got a lot of questions that day. I felt scared and almost avoided answering. I knew what I believed, but I did not know how to share it. I prayed but didn’t seem to get an answer.

A few days later, while I was on Facebook, I saw an article from LDS.org that my leader from church had posted. It made me realize I could also post things from the Church. I looked up the topics my debate team had asked about, posted links on my wall, and tagged all those who were involved. I felt they would be better satisfied with the answers.

I had never posted about my beliefs online before, so this has brought a lot more curious people asking about my religion. As they ask questions, I try to give the basic answers as well as links to Church materials. This way people do not have to rely only on my answers but can also rely on what the General Authorities say about their questions. When the conversations become more sensitive, I answer the person privately through messaging.

I am really glad the Church provides online materials. I still feel butterflies in my stomach whenever someone surprises me with a question about the Church. But now I no longer wait for their questions to come; I proactively post Church materials online. I know these materials can help both my member and nonmember friends alike.