Multimedia Conference FHE

    “Multimedia Conference FHE,” Ensign, Apr. 2010, 69

    Multimedia Conference FHE

    Danielle Taylor Porter, Utah, USA

    “That was a great talk! I can’t wait to read it in the Ensign.” We’ve probably all heard similar remarks from Church members who watch general conference. My husband and I agree. When our conference magazine issue arrives, we read it as we review recordings of conference. We live in an area where the conference broadcast is available on local television channels or cable, making it easy to record all sessions. We then spotlight talks for subsequent family home evening discussions. Watching the speaker as we read along, highlighting text and making notes, helps us stay more focused on the message.

    Watching the talks again, but focusing on just a few each week, can also help children become more acquainted with Church leaders and their inspired messages. Our family is strengthened as we revisit the conference talks each week.

    We are so blessed to live in a time when we have many ways to access the inspired messages of our Church leaders.

    Illustration by Beth Whittaker