Conference Story Index

    “Conference Story Index,” Ensign, Nov. 2009, 125

    Conference Story Index

    The following is a list of selected experiences from general conference addresses for use in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. Number refers to the first page of the talk.



    Elder Richard G. Scott

    Elder Scott receives an outpouring of inspiration during church (6).

    Vicki F. Matsumori

    Sunbeam teacher uses blanket to represent the Holy Ghost (10).

    Young Vicki Matsumori feels Holy Ghost after baptism (10).

    Elder L. Whitney Clayton

    Man carries heavy load of firewood in Peru (12).

    Russell T. Osguthorpe

    Primary teacher helps young Russell Osguthorpe give a talk (15).

    Tahitian woman helps Elder Osguthorpe on his mission (15).

    Elder Kent D. Watson

    Tire hits Elder Watson’s windshield (38).

    Elder Neil L. Andersen

    Older couple returns to Church activity (40).

    President Boyd K. Packer

    President Packer’s son prays for cow to be healed (43).

    Graham Doxey protected from harm from pump-handle railway car (43).

    Elder Walter F. González

    Young Walter González feels great joy while reading the Book of Mormon (50).

    Elder Yoon Hwan Choi

    “Loud boys” become good examples (53).

    President Henry B. Eyring

    Critically injured girl healed after priesthood blessing (59).

    Bishop asks young men to contact absent friends and report back (59).

    President Thomas S. Monson

    Angry father accidentally injures his son (62).

    Heber J. Grant feels insulted over the amount of pay he received (62).

    President Henry B. Eyring

    “No empty chairs, please” engraved on gravestone (70).

    President Eyring’s father cares for ailing wife (70).

    Elder L. Tom Perry

    Norwegian shipbuilders build an inverted ship’s hull for the roof of the Manti Utah Temple (73).

    Bishop H. David Burton

    Girl calls piano teacher to discuss whether a reward was honestly earned (76).

    Teen skier misses a competition because he did not meet his academic goals (76).

    Ann M. Dibb

    Workers killed and stranded when bridge scaffolding collapses (79).

    Elder Russell M. Nelson

    Elder Nelson performs the sealing of a family he met 10 years earlier (81).

    President Thomas S. Monson

    Dr. Jack McConnell continues to serve others after his retirement (84).

    President Monson receives birthday gifts recounting service to others (84).

    Elder Brent H. Nielson

    Elder Nielson’s son called to serve in the city his father had prayed about years earlier (95).

    Elder Dale G. Renlund

    After intentionally skipping church, Dale G. Renlund recommits himself to Church attendance, prayer, and scripture study (97).

    Elder D. Todd Christofferson

    Young D. Todd Christofferson learns a lesson after stealing a candy bar (105).

    Sylvia H. Allred

    Relief Society sisters give young couple rides to church (115).

    President Henry B. Eyring

    Visiting teacher inspired to bring yellow tulips (121).