“Comment,” Ensign, Aug. 2007, 80


Quiet Stirrings of the Heart

I am writing about “Quiet Stirrings of the Heart” by Bishop H. David Burton (April 2007 Ensign). I was inspired by the faith of this leader and his point of view, along with the difficult questions he had pondered. He reminded me that it is not only important to consult with our Father in Heaven but to go to our scriptures as well when looking for answers, especially in difficult situations such as his. His valiant determination to always make the right choices sets a good example for us all to follow. In our deacons quorum meeting (I am 13 years old) we learned about the differences between instant gratification and eternal rewards. Bishop Burton made the decision to strive to always choose the right and receive the most important rewards, which are the eternal rewards. I am grateful for the testimony of this man, and the example he set for me. I will always remember to think of others and do what I can to help them. This will remind me to always choose the right.
Alex K. Shope, Arizona

Never Alone

Anne Grenzebach, author of “Never Alone” (February 2007 Ensign) was a member in the first ward I attended when investigating the Church 4 1/2 years ago. That small young single adult branch in Rochester, New York, truly shaped my first impressions of the Church and helped give me strength when I decided to be baptized. These young people were just like me, only with a great faith that I found I wanted to share. Anne made a stronger impact on me than she knows, and I was so happy to see her article. We share a similar story, and the article gave me a renewed hope in my continuing to share the gospel with my family.
Lyndsay Johnson, Arizona

The Tabernacle Builders

In the April 2007 Ensign, the article titled “The Great Tabernacle: A Building of Purpose and Spirit,” is lacking in details too important to leave out of the history of this great structure. The article should have included information about the men who designed and supervised the building of the Tabernacle. The writer is remiss in not keeping their story alive.
Linda Dinkel, California

While the article focused on the details regarding construction of the Tabernacle and events that have taken place there, it would have been appropriate to acknowledge the builders, as did President Gordon B. Hinckley in the October 1999 conference:
“We have no desire to outdo Brigham Young or his architects—William H. Folsom [architect], Henry Grow [a bridge builder who engineered the trusses for the dome], and Truman O. Angell [who oversaw the finish work and building of the balcony]. … As today we close the doors of this Tabernacle and look forward to opening the doors of the new Conference Center next April, we do so with love, with appreciation, with respect, with reverence—really with affection—for this building and for those who have gone before us, who built so well, and whose handiwork has served so long” (“Good-bye to This Wonderful Old Tabernacle,” Ensign, November 1999, 91).
We also acknowledge the great contribution of Joseph Harris Ridges, who built the Tabernacle organ.