Making the Most of This Issue

“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Mar. 2006, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

March 2006

For Families

Sacred Responsibilities of Parents

“To parents everywhere, my counsel is simple: Get a copy of ‘The Family: A Proclamation to the World.’ Read it and strive to align your marriage and your family to its inspired, revealed direction from the Lord.” To read more of Elder M. Russell Ballard’s counsel to parents, see page 26.

Words That Hurt

What is verbal abuse? Do you ever use words that hurt your children? To learn how controlling your tongue can help your children grow up to be secure and confident adults, see page 58.

For Singles

Will I Ever Marry?

Have you ever wondered how you can hope to marry when you rarely date? Readers offer counsel to those who find themselves in this situation. See page 20.

Sunrises and Sunsets

What could have been a long and lonely widowhood for Isabelle Cluff has instead been richly blessed. Why? Because she stepped outside with her children to share the beauty of God’s sunrises and sunsets. See page 24.

For Sisters in Relief Society

Belle S. Spafford

From 1945 to 1974, Belle S. Spafford served as general president of the Relief Society. During those years, sweeping changes occurred in the status of women, and the Relief Society grew from a largely western United States organization to a worldwide sisterhood of nearly a million women in 65 countries. See page 44.

The Sound of Relief Society

“My favorite sound of all [is] the sound of righteous women rejoicing together, loving each other, and celebrating our common sisterhood as daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.” See page 54.

If You’re Facing Adversity

I Needed His Help

“I wondered, ‘How can I assist the Lord in this great work if I cannot hear or even walk?’ … I felt completely alone. I needed a miracle.” To find out how the Lord answered Sister Bonnie D. Parkin’s prayer, see “Blessed in My Affliction,” page 8.

Blessings in Adversity

Because she suffers from a genetic skin disorder, Jamie Gibson’s trial is constant. But she is quick to express gratitude for her blessings and to touch lives with her optimism and faith. See “A Talent for Touching Lives,” page 11.

Latter-day Saint Voices

A blood clot settled in Kirsten Diener’s brain, causing permanent damage, but Kirsten’s love of life and her reaching out to others make her an example to all who know her. See “Kirsten’s Challenge,” page 66.

Growing in the Gospel


Satan sought to destroy our agency in the premortal world, and he continues to undermine it here on earth. Why is this doctrine so important, and why are we not able to progress without it? See page 18.

Like a Perfect Puzzle

Jack Brown almost gave up his search for the truth. But the missionaries knew they were supposed to talk with him. When they did, all the pieces fell in place. See page 14.

A New Temple in Copenhagen

The Church has a long history in Denmark, and a new temple is helping members share their faith and come unto Christ. See page 34.

For Home, Visiting Teachers

Find the monthly messages on page 2 and page 55.