Family Home Evening Helps: Learning about Our Leaders

“Family Home Evening Helps: Learning about Our Leaders,” Ensign, Sept. 2005, 71

Family Home Evening Helps: Learning about Our Leaders

Before general conference a few years ago, we dedicated several family home evenings to learning more about the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Using the Special Witnesses of Christ video and portraits of the Brethren available at Church distribution centers and meetinghouse libraries, we were able to easily plan our lessons. To begin, my husband and I watched the video together, noting the order in which the testimonies were shared. Then each subsequent family night we spotlighted two or three of the Brethren. Prior to viewing each testimony, we shared the biographical information found on the back of the matching portrait. Our children enjoyed learning about these special witnesses, and we often felt prompted to share our own testimonies as well.

With the calling of two new Apostles at the October 2004 general conference, our family has yet another opportunity to revisit our “special witnesses” family night theme. Using information in the March 2005 Ensign and on the backs of the portraits of the new Brethren, we have two family night lessons ready to share.

Sheryl Tolman, McMillan Ward, Meridian Idaho West Stake

Editor’s note: The Special Witnesses of Christ video (item no. 53584000; U.S. $6.00) is also available in DVD, with eight language options plus ASL (54584090; U.S. $4.50) and signed video (53584010; U.S. $6.00). In addition to English, the video format is offered in Spanish (53584002; U.S. $6.00). Portraits of the Brethren are available in the Gospel Art Picture Kit (34730000; U.S. $30.00) or individually.

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker