PAF in Color, Spanish Hymns Now Available
September 2005

“PAF in Color, Spanish Hymns Now Available,” Ensign, Sept. 2005, 78–79

PAF in Color, Spanish Hymns Now Available

A new version of Personal Ancestral File® (PAF) Companion and a recently released set of CDs containing the hymns from the Church’s Spanish hymnbook are now in distribution centers.

Personal Ancestral File Upgrade Prints in Color

Members and genealogists using Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Companion can now print and view family tree charts in color using the program’s newest upgrade.

PAF Companion 5.2, created by Progeny Software, Inc., uses individual and family data from PAF files to create charts in five formats and millions of colors. The software can render up to 16 million colors and gradients to the charts, helping users organize family lines by gender, generation, or lineage. The program displays and prints ancestor, descendant, bow tie, hourglass, and fan charts. Traditional charts in black and white are still available with the upgrade.

Examples of color-charting formats are available at www.progenysoftware.com/paf-companion-charts.html.

Paul Nauta, manager of public affairs for the Church’s Web site www.familysearch.org, said the color feature eliminates confusion and helps members track their family lines. “PAF Companion software gives you fun ways to display, visualize, and view your family history as you develop it,” he said.

Adjustable line widths make printing large charts more printer-friendly. Brother Nauta suggested that members could use the new upgrade to print visually appealing charts to hang in their homes, share as gifts, or display at family reunions. PAF Companion 5.2 also creates color charts in PDF format for posting family histories online.

However, the charts are not just for printing a finished product. Pierre Cloutier, chief technology officer for Progeny Software, said the charts act as a roadmap to help users navigate their genealogy research.

Since PAF Companion was introduced in 2001, over 150,000 copies of the software have been sold with the Church’s Personal Ancestral File package. The newest upgrade costs U.S. $8.25 at www.ldscatalog.com (item no. 77065) as part of the PAF 5.2 software.

A trial version of the software can be downloaded at the “Software Downloads—Free” link listed under the Family History section at www.ldscatalog.com. The trial version limits the number of generations that can be viewed or printed. Users can purchase full access to the trial version of PAF Companion 5.2 for $6.75 by calling 1-800-537-5971 to obtain a key code from Distribution Services.

New Spanish Hymn Recordings Now Available

Two new sets of compact discs presenting the hymns found in the Church’s official Spanish hymnbook are now available. These sets are designed for use by branches, wards, districts, stakes, families, and individuals.

The recordings include musical introductions and all the verses of each hymn, performed by piano, strings, and other instruments. A second set of recordings with vocal renditions is also available. Those interested in these new products can order them from a Church distribution center or by contacting their local leaders.