New Area Presidency Assignments

    “New Area Presidency Assignments,” Ensign, Sept. 2002, 76–77

    New Area Presidency Assignments

    The First Presidency has announced changes in assignments for Area Presidencies. The changes were effective August 15, 2002. Elder Dallin H. Oaks, President of the Philippines Area, and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, President of the Chile Area, are members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. All other presidency members belong to the Quorums of the Seventy.

    1. North America Northwest: Quentin L. Cook, President; William R. Bradford, First Counselor; Stephen A. West, Second Counselor

    2. North America Central: Donald L. Staheli, President; Bruce C. Hafen, First Counselor; Lynn A. Mickelsen, Second Counselor

    3. North America Northeast: Spencer J. Condie, President; Glenn L. Pace, First Counselor; H. Bryan Richards, Second Counselor

    4. North America East: Dale E. Miller, President; J. Kent Jolley, First Counselor; Gordon T. Watts, Second Counselor

    5. North America Southeast: Gene R. Cook, President; Keith Crockett, First Counselor; H. Aldridge Gillespie, Second Counselor

    6. North America Southwest: F. Burton Howard, President; H. Bruce Stucki, First Counselor; Stephen B. Oveson, Second Counselor

    7. North America West: Lynn G. Robbins, President; Duane B. Gerrard, First Counselor; Val R. Christensen, Second Counselor

    8. Utah North: Cree-L Kofford, President; Monte J. Brough, First Counselor; Merrill C. Oaks, Second Counselor

    9. Utah South: John H. Groberg, President; W. Rolfe Kerr, First Counselor; Ned B. Roueché, Second Counselor

    10. Idaho:*C. Scott Grow, President; *D. Rex Gerratt, First Counselor; *Ronald L. Loveland, Second Counselor

    11. Mexico North: Gary J. Coleman, President; Robert J. Whetten, First Counselor; *Adrián Ochoa, Second Counselor

    12. Mexico South: Richard H. Winkel, President; *Armando Gaona, First Counselor; *Benjamin De Hoyos, Second Counselor

    13. Central America:*Enrique R. Falabella, President; *Julio E. Alvarado, First Counselor; *E. Israel Pérez, Second Counselor

    14. South America North: Claudio R. M. Costa, President; Walter F. González, First Counselor; *Roberto Garcia, Second Counselor

    15. South America West: David R. Stone, President; Carlos H. Amado, First Counselor; *Willy F. Zuzunaga, Second Counselor

    16. Brazil North: Adhemar Damiani, President; Robert R. Steuer, First Counselor; *Pedro J. Penha, Second Counselor

    17. Brazil South: Neil L. Andersen, President; Darwin B. Christenson, First Counselor; *Paulo R. Grahl, Second Counselor

    18. Chile: Jeffrey R. Holland, President; Francisco J. Viñas, First Counselor; Carl B. Pratt, Second Counselor

    19. South America South: Jay E. Jensen, President; L. Whitney Clayton, First Counselor; *Carlos E. Agüero, Second Counselor

    20. Africa West: Sheldon F. Child, President; H. Ross Workman, First Counselor; R. Conrad Schultz, Second Counselor

    21. Africa Southeast: Robert C. Oaks, President; Steven E. Snow, First Counselor; *David J. Barnett, Second Counselor

    22. Philippines: Dallin H. Oaks, President; Angel Abrea, First Counselor; Richard J. Maynes, Second Counselor

    23. Pacific Islands: Ronald T. Halverson, President; Robert K. Dellenbach, First Counselor; Dennis E. Simmons, Second Counselor

    24. Australia/New Zealand: Kenneth Johnson, President; John M. Madsen, First Counselor; *Lindsay T. Dil, Second Counselor

    25. Europe Central: D. Lee Tobler, President; Ronald A. Rasband, First Counselor; Marlin K. Jensen, Second Counselor

    26. Europe West: Harold G. Hillam, President; Wayne S. Peterson, First Counselor; W. Craig Zwick, Second Counselor

    27. Europe East: Douglas L. Callister, President; Keith K. Hilbig, First Counselor; Robert F. Orton, Second Counselor

    28. Asia North: Donald L. Hallstrom, President; Yoshihiko Kikuchi, First Counselor; *Gary S. Matsuda, Second Counselor

    29. Asia: John B. Dickson, President; E. Ray Bateman, First Counselor; *D. Allen Andersen, Second Counselor