May 2001

“Comment,” Ensign, May 2001, 112


Child Safety

The article “How to Stretch One Income” (Apr. 2001) suggested saving money by purchasing used baby equipment such as car seats, cribs, and playpens. As a pediatrician, I’m writing to say that such equipment can be hazardous to babies.

When car seats are bought at garage sales, parents are not aware of the past history of the seat. Car seats that have been in an accident may have hidden flaws that may cause them to fail in another accident. Also, several models of car seats have been recalled over the years because of design flaws.

Likewise, cribs and playpens at garage sales may have flaws that can lead to a baby’s injury or death. Older models, for example, have bars placed too widely apart that can allow a baby’s head to become trapped between the bars. Older children’s furniture may be painted with lead-based paint, which if chewed can lead to learning disabilities and mental retardation.

Douglas Lougree, M.D.
Alamogordo, New Mexico

Stirring the Soul

While reading “The Seabirds of Kiribati” (Dec. 2000), I was carried back many decades to special moments when our family was baptized and later sealed in the temple. Such stories as the one about Kiribati stir the spirit and reawaken the soul.

Jennings C. Fish
Spanish Fork, Utah