Family Home Evening: Family Awards Night
December 1996

“Family Home Evening: Family Awards Night,” Ensign, Dec. 1996, 64

Family Home Evening: Family Awards Night

We used various methods over the years to teach our children the value of work. None worked as well as rotating work assignments among family members yearly and marking that occasion with a special family home evening called “Family Awards Night.” Once begun, this awards ceremony soon became a family tradition that the children eagerly anticipated year after year.

For the awards night, we placed a chair of honor in a prominent place and hung above it a homemade banner announcing the special evening. During the ceremony, each child was called forward and seated in the special chair. Then the honoree was complimented for contributions to the family and other accomplishments of the past year. One might be commended for cheerfully completing a job, another for thorough work. We also pointed out unique personality traits the children possessed and how they blessed our family.

Adding to the fun, grandparents were invited to attend, and Dad would usually videotape the event. Of course, we ended the evening with special treats suited to the celebration.

The event helped infuse our children with enthusiasm for the coming year. It also helped ensure that chores would be accomplished in a timely manner and without reminders. An added benefit has been that our children, now grown, reminisce fondly of those evenings of family togetherness.—Sharon Bigelow, Coppell, Texas

Illustrated by Jerry Harston

Photography by John Luke