Strengthening Young Single Adults

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“Strengthening Young Single Adults,” Ensign, Sept. 1996, 31

Strengthening Young Single Adults

Life in today’s world for the Church’s hundreds of thousands of young single adults is filled with great challenges. But because the Lord is mindful of their needs, established Church programs have been recently strengthened to greatly bless the lives of young single adults.

Today the Church’s young single adult programs offer powerful opportunities for spiritual, educational, and social growth—growth that helps young single adults prepare for missions, marriage, and lives of love and service. Throughout the Church, successful programs are reaching out to an increasing number of young single adults in a variety of settings with activities that meet their needs and strengthen their testimonies. The articles that follow highlight three such efforts:

  • In Alta Loma, California—Priesthood leaders, with help from the institute of religion and Church-service missionaries, have turned their young single adult program into an example for southern California.

  • In Seattle, Washington—Under priesthood leadership, an institute council has helped coordinate the united efforts of singles wards and branches into a thriving young single adult population.

  • In Virginia Beach, Virginia—Leaders address the spiritual needs of young single adult men and women by significantly strengthening their ward and stake efforts and by giving as many young single adults as possible opportunities to serve.

For Dustie Andersen, left, David Stapleton, Jared McBeth, and Doug Nowlin, the Alta Loma Institute of Religion in California has become a home away from home. (Photo by Jerry Garns.)