Joy in Her Posterity

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“Joy in Her Posterity,” Ensign, Aug. 1995, 58

Joy in Her Posterity

Margaret Jean Doughty of Birkenhead, England, has learned that living the gospel may not eliminate challenges, but it will increase our capacity to meet those challenges. This belief has enabled Jean Doughty to carry on as a single mother since her youngest son was two years old. That son is now married with children of his own, and Jean’s quiet example is being given to another generation.

“As the gospel teaches us, great joy comes through our posterity,” says Sister Doughty, mother of four and grandmother of nine. “I love my children and am proud of them all. I felt especially blessed when Paul was called to serve a mission in Scotland and when John received a call to serve in London. As a convert myself, I have known what a gift the gospel can be in a person’s life. Seeing my sons serve was both a blessing to me and part of our family’s returning thanks.”