“Comment,” Ensign, Apr. 1993, 80


Pain of Abuse

I found “Hope and Healing” (Jan. 1993) a well-researched article, but I feel that the broader aspect of sexual abuse might have been addressed. We cannot deny the hurt of incest victims, but we must acknowledge the pain of all sexual abuse victims. I am currently involved in group therapy, and 50 percent of our group are victims of nonincestuous sexual abuse.

Name Withheld

Skilled Help

“Hope and Healing” is a significant article. As an army chaplain, I see abuse survivors almost daily.

Current studies indicate that the frequency of sexual abuse is growing. People are finding it safe to speak about inappropriate behaviors. It is still common wisdom that most abusers are male and most victims are female, but some literature suggests that up to 25 percent of the male population have also been sexually abused. I believe that figure is fairly accurate.

I cannot overstate the importance of professional, skilled help. I have known many members suspicious of therapy or counselors. In the past, many psychotherapies were on some level at odds with a reliance on God. That has changed greatly in recent years.

Chaplain Paul L. Williams
San Antonio, Texas

Oakland Visitors’ Center

I was thrilled to see the announcement and picture of the new Oakland Temple Visitors’ Center. My husband and I served a mission there in 1978–79.

Gordon passed away in July 1991. He loved bearing his testimony to the people who visited from all over the world. Thank you for keeping me informed of the changes at the temple, a place full of wonderful memories for me.

Ione D. Heaton
Roosevelt, Utah