Eight Stockings of Love

“Eight Stockings of Love,” Ensign, Dec. 1992, 65

Eight Stockings of Love

I learn so much from my children’s teachers by volunteering in the school classroom. In December, I noticed one teacher recognize and reward positive behavior by dropping a marble in a large Christmas stocking. The kindergartners responded with commendable behavior just to hear that marble drop into the stocking.

At home, we had eight empty Christmas stockings hanging from our fireplace. Inspired by the kindergarten teacher, I jotted down compliments for our children on slips of paper and secretly placed these notes in their Christmas stockings throughout December. I focused on positive qualities and service they performed.

On Christmas Eve, it was a sweet experience as each child read the notes in his or her Christmas stocking. I expressed my love and appreciation to our children and explained that their acts of love represented their gifts to the Christ child. As we placed the slips of paper near the figure representing baby Jesus in our nativity scene, we felt increased love for each other and for our Savior.—Cailynn Brinkerhoff, Beaverton, Oregon