Members Dine with President of Mexico

“Members Dine with President of Mexico,” Ensign, Dec. 1992, 68

Members Dine with President of Mexico

Three years ago when Mexico President Carlos Salinas visited Church members in the Colonia Juarez, Colonia Dublan, and Nuevo Casas Grandes areas, he promised them he’d invite them to dinner at Los Pinos, the Mexican White House.

President Salinas kept that promise on September 22, when approximately 260 members from two stakes traveled hundreds of miles for dinner with the president. The invitation, formally extended through the governor of Chihuahua, included all members ages twelve and older in the Mormon colonies area.

During the meal, a representative of the group thanked the president for the invitation and the goals he has accomplished while president. In return, the president spoke to the members about current world conditions and encouraged them to work hard. “He told us that even though times are tight, Mexico has a bright future,” recalled Frank Hatch, one of the members who attended the meal.

When President Salinas joined the Saints for dinner three years earlier, he was impressed that they prepared and served the meal themselves, observed Brother Hatch.

“All the other dinners he’d ever attended had been catered. He was touched that we’d gone to all that work.”