Church Distributes Public Service Announcements

“Church Distributes Public Service Announcements,” Ensign, Feb. 1992, 80

Church Distributes Public Service Announcements

The Church has recently distributed radio public service announcements designed to raise awareness among teenagers that beer is a drug.

“We felt it appropriate to get involved in the fight against exploitation of teenagers who are consuming alcohol at alarming rates,” explained Bruce L. Olsen, managing director of Church Public Affairs. “Junior high and high school students consume over a billion cans of beer a year. The health and well-being of today’s young people concerns us a great deal. We are committed to teaching values that help the lives of young people.”

The thirty- and sixty-second radio spots feature real teenagers from across the nation who have actually been alcoholics. Brother Olsen continued, “The radio public service announcements will give broadcasters a real opportunity to help teen-agers make wise decisions.”

In addition to the announcements, broadcasters and print media representatives can order free teaching materials focusing on the teen alcohol problem: a list of community involvement ideas, a teacher’s guide, a student’s guide, and a campaign poster.