New Booklet on Youth Standards
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“New Booklet on Youth Standards,” Ensign, Nov. 1990, 108–9

New Booklet on Youth Standards

For the Strength of Youth, a pamphlet that summarizes standards of righteousness discussed in the scriptures and in the writings and teachings of Church leaders, has been released.

Announced by President Thomas S. Monson, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, during the 29 September 1990 General Women’s Meeting and during the 6 October 1990 priesthood session of general conference (see pages 45 and 95), the pamphlet is free of charge and is available at Church distribution centers. Each pamphlet is accompanied by a wallet-sized standards summary card.

The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve have endorsed the pamphlet, which was printed at their request for the information, guidance, and blessing of youth.

The small, 23-page booklet begins with a message from the First Presidency and then proceeds to clearly outline standards for the Church’s youth.

“We want you to know that we love you,” said President Monson, quoting from the First Presidency message in the booklet. “We have great confidence in you. Because of that, we talk to you frankly and honestly.

“We desire everything in this world for you that is right and good. You are not just ordinary young men and women. You are choice spirits who have been held in reserve to come forth in this day when the temptations, responsibilities, and opportunities are the very greatest. You are at a critical time in your lives. This is a time for you not only to live righteously but also to set an example for your peers. As you seek to live the standards of the Church, you will be able to reach out and lift and build your brothers and sisters. …

“We bear witness of the truth of these principles and promise you the blessings of the Lord as you keep the standards outlined in the scriptures and emphasized in this pamphlet. Among those blessings will be the constant and calming companionship of the Holy Ghost and the feelings of peace and happiness that you will experience.

“We pray that you—the young and rising generation—will keep your bodies and minds clean, free from the contaminations of the world, that you will be fit and pure vessels to bear triumphantly the responsibilities of the kingdom of God in preparation for the second coming of our Savior.”

Calling the pamphlet’s guidelines “safety standards,” President Monson quoted briefly from its twelve sections, which include dating, dress and appearance, friendshipping, honesty, language, media, mental and physical health, music and dancing, sexual purity, Sunday behavior, spiritual help, and repentance.

A letter signed by President Howard W. Hunter, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, has been sent to Church leaders in the United States and Canada announcing the new pamphlet. President Hunter encourages local leaders to “prayerfully consider effective ways to introduce the brochure and the standards summary card to youth and parents. …

“The brochure and summary card should be used during interviews with young people, in talks by youth leaders in sacrament meetings, in classes, at youth activities, and for other appropriate occasions.”