LDS Scene
June 1989

“LDS Scene,” Ensign, June 1989, 79

LDS Scene

ST. GEORGE, VERNAL, MANTI, AND PROVO, UTAH—Some 9,000 youth and adult leaders received training in their Young Women organization responsibilities during a series of meetings in the Utah South Area this spring. The meetings were held in St. George, Manti, Vernal, and Provo during March. Members of class presidencies, their organizational leaders, and their priesthood leaders were instructed by the Area Presidency—Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone and Elder Paul H. Dunn of the First Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Russell C. Taylor of the Second Quorum of the Seventy. The Young Women general presidency—Ardeth G. Kapp, Jayne B. Malan, and Elaine L. Jack—also instructed the youth and their leaders.

BOISE, IDAHO—J. Dennis “J.D.” Williams, of Preston, has been appointed as Idaho’s new state auditor, succeeding his cousin, Joe R. Williams, who had served in the position for more than thirty years. A former mayor of Preston, the new state auditor is also a former deputy attorney general of Idaho and a current member of the Idaho Water Resource Board. He has been a bishop in Preston and a counselor in the Franklin Idaho Stake presidency.

SANTIAGO, CHILE—Temple work in the Santiago Chile Temple district has been growing rapidly, thanks in part to a “sister stake” concept that pairs stakes in Santiago with stakes from outlying areas. When members from the outlying areas visit the temple in Santiago, members of their sister stake in the city house and feed them, thus making temple trips possible for more people.

COPACABANA, BRAZIL—Roberto de Castro Reimer has submitted more than 7,000 names for temple work. Brother Reimer, an attorney, had great interest in family history before he joined the Church eleven years ago. He has been able to do the work in part because he found that his family line is tied to that of an early Brazilian whose recorded genealogy fills eight volumes.