‘Terminate the Pregnancy!’ the Doctor Said

    “‘Terminate the Pregnancy!’ the Doctor Said,” Ensign, Feb. 1988, 56–57

    “Terminate the Pregnancy!” the Doctor Said

    Terminate the pregnancy? We were shocked at the doctor’s suggestion. We knew we never could.

    Between finishing final exams at school and going to work, I had gone home to share a few peaceful moments with my two sons and my wife, who was two months pregnant. When I arrived, Charlene tearfully greeted me with the results of her most recent physical examination. I quickly learned there was good reason for her tears.

    The doctor strongly recommended immediate termination of the pregnancy. Before we knew Charlene was pregnant, he had been using a variety of potent medications to treat her for some physical disorders. He was convinced that the medications would cause extreme birth defects. If we did not abort the child, he said, we faced the probability of a baby coming into the world with deformed limbs.

    We sought additional advice from three different physicians, but they only reaffirmed the first physician’s prognosis, adding to our discouragement.

    Yet, in the depths of our despair, we held fast to the faith we had developed in a kind and loving Heavenly Father. The only decision we could consider was to follow the advice of our living prophet. We believed that meant giving birth to a very special child who would bring many blessings into our home.

    Through a priesthood blessing from our bishop, Heavenly Father made known to us that all the problems concerning this pregnancy would be forgotten in the birth of a perfect child. Not only did the bishop promise a normal delivery, but he also stated under inspiration that the child would be female and that Charlene would have the privilege of seeing her in a personal revelation before her birth.

    This priesthood blessing was a great source of strength for us, especially during the seventh month, when my wife was hospitalized with severe bleeding. When this happened, the doctors predicted that she would miscarry. But the pregnancy continued to full term.

    And the promised manifestation came.

    One night, during her eighth month of pregnancy, Charlene saw in a dream the daughter that was to be sent to our home. She had rosy cheeks, blue eyes, and long, dark hair, and she was surrounded by a bright light. Immediately, my wife awoke and excitedly recounted every detail to me.

    Our dark-haired little girl was born healthy, normal, and right on schedule—just as we had been promised. Today Amy is a testimony to the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of obeying the Spirit.