October 1987

“Appointments,” Ensign, Oct. 1987, 80


Temple Presidents

Robert E. Jones, of Bellevue, Washington, has been called to preside over the Seattle Temple. His wife, Audrey, will serve as temple matron. A retired timber and lumber businessman, President Jones has served as a counselor in the temple presidency and as a stake president.

Egeo Angel Gabasa, of Buenos Aires, Argentina, will preside over the Buenos Aires Temple. His wife, Claribel, is the new temple matron. President Gabasa is retired. He has served as a recorder at the Los Angeles Temple, as a bishop, and as a patriarch.

C. Lionell Bibb, of Johannesburg, South Africa, will preside over the South Africa Temple. His wife, Sheila, will be temple matron. A retired communications engineer, President Bibb has served the Church as a branch president and as a counselor to mission presidents and stake presidents.

Robert L. McCook, of Tempe, Arizona, has been called to preside over the Dallas Temple. His wife, Hazel, will serve as temple matron. A retired engineer and corporate executive, President McCook has previously served as a bishop, a stake high councilor, and a visitors’ center missionary.

Regional Representatives

Campinas Brazil Region, Orlando Alberto Caverni, financial manager, former counselor in a stake presidency.

Seattle Washington Region, R. Kirk Wilson, president of retail foods company, former stake president.

Adelaide and Melbourne Australia regions, Ronald William Grear Innis, area manager, Church Materials Management, former stake president.