Policies and Announcements
May 1983

“Policies and Announcements,” Ensign, May 1983, 85–86

Policies and Announcements

First Presidency Endorses “Year of the Bible.” The First Presidency has issued the following statement in support of United States President Ronald Reagan’s proclamation designating 1983 as the “Year of the Bible”:

“We commend to all people everywhere the daily reading, pondering and heeding of the divine truths of the Holy Bible and heartily endorse the presidential proclamation designating 1983 as the ‘Year of the Bible.’

“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints accepts the Holy Bible as essential to faith and doctrine, and demonstrated its longstanding commitment to Bible reading and Bible scholarship by recently publishing a new edition of the Authorized King James Version. A new and innovative footnoting and cross-referencing system, coupled with an extensive topical guide, further enhance the potential for enrichment of our lives by this majestic book of holy writ. Moreover, the Holy Bible is the textbook for adult, youth, and children’s classes throughout the Church each year.

“When it is read reverently and prayerfully, the Holy Bible becomes a priceless volume, converting the soul to righteousness. Principal among its virtues is the declaration that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, through whom eternal salvation may come to all.

“As we read the scriptures, we avail ourselves of the better part of this world’s literature. During the Year of the Bible, let us go to the fountain of truth, searching the scriptures, reading them in our homes, and teaching our families what the Lord has said through the inspired and inspiring passages of the Holy Bible.”

The following item appeared in the March 1983 Bulletin.

Importance of Personal Study of the Scriptures. Once again encouragement is given to all members, including those in leadership positions, to commit themselves to a program of regular study of the gospel and the scriptures. Members should take advantage of the opportunity to attend the classes provided for gospel study in the various organizations of the Church. Members of stake presidencies, bishoprics, and other priesthood and auxiliary leaders should attend these classes whenever it is possible for them to do so. In those classes where the scriptures are designated as texts, instructors and class members should not replace the scriptures with other texts and study guides that have not been approved for the class. The occasional use of supplementary material may be appropriate, but the scriptures should remain the focus of attention.