Keeping Pace
May 1983

“Keeping Pace,” Ensign, May 1983, 96

Keeping Pace

BYU’s Bachelor of Independent Studies Program. Whether you’re looking to complete a high school diploma, thinking about a college degree, or just beginning your four-generation family group sheets, BYU Independent Study may have something for you.

The department offers nearly 350 different courses in a wide variety of disciplines, including basic high school courses, personal enrichment classes, and college-level coursework designed to be completed at a leisurely pace in accordance with the differing demands of the student. Participants have the added advantage of corresponding with professors in their various fields of study, receiving expert advice and help suited to their particular needs.

Initiated in 1921 under the Division of Continuing Education, BYU Independent Study has grown steadily over the years to become the largest program of its kind in the nation, with a total enrollment of over 16,000 in 1981.

High school courses offered by Independent Study include English, math, science, and history, and are accredited in cooperation with a local school district to meet requirements for high school graduation.

Advanced degrees offered by the department require the same number of credit hours that an on-campus degree requires. The Bachelor of Independent Studies is a four-year liberal arts degree with no specific major or minor: Associate or two-year degrees are also available in English, Home and Family Development, Justice Administration, and Family and Local History Studies (genealogy).

Personal Enrichment courses are also available through Independent Study and include nearly fifty offerings on topics such as manuscript writing and preparation, improving family relationships, and genealogy.

BYU Independent Study also offers classes to current high school and college students that may supplement or fill required courses in their particular area of study.

All courses offered through the program are $35 per credit hour and require regular assignments to be completed within one year. For more information about any of the programs offered through Independent Study, write: Department of Independent Study, Brigham Young University, 206 Harman Continuing Education Building, Provo, UT 84602.