‘Mr. Krueger’s Christmas’ to Be Televised

“‘Mr. Krueger’s Christmas’ to Be Televised,” Ensign, Dec. 1981, 72

“Mr. Krueger’s Christmas” to Be Televised

The Christmas television program “Mr. Krueger’s Christmas,” which was broadcast in the United States and Canada during the 1980 Christmas season, will be rebroadcast during the 1981 Christmas season. The program stars Jimmy Stewart and the Tabernacle Choir and relates the heartwarming story of how a widower’s Christmas is brightened by a young child. Surveys following the 1980 showing indicated that the program has great appeal for television audiences and can be an effective missionary tool.

Ward mission leaders are encouraged to cooperate with full-time missionaries in contacting and encouraging members to invite nonmember friends to watch the program. The film, which is also available for purchase at $120 from the Public Communications Department, 50 East North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150 (Attn: Supervisor of Purchasing), might also be used for firesides and other noncommercial events to which members invite their nonmember friends.

Jimmy Stewart, in “Mr. Krueger’s Christmas.”