A Baby Is Forever

“A Baby Is Forever,” Ensign, Apr. 1981, 65

A Baby Is Forever

After coming home from the hospital with my eighth child, my ten-year-old son Ian asked; “Are we going to have any more babies, Mummy?”

My mind raced back over the past nine months, complete with a ruined camping holiday and several weeks in bed with dangerously high blood pressure. My young family, the eldest only eleven, had kept house, cooked, washed dishes, looked after me. Of course, I reasoned, they would dread another pregnancy.

So my reply was, “I don’t think so, Ian. I think we will concentrate on bringing you up and maybe have some really good holidays together.”

I was both delighted and humbled as he exclaimed, “But, Mummy, a baby is forever, and a holiday is only two weeks!”

We certainly can learn true values from our children. Sandra Adamson, York, England