Thirty-one New Regional Representatives

“Thirty-one New Regional Representatives,” Ensign, Sept. 1977, 93

Thirty-one New Regional Representatives

As Church membership rapidly approaches 4 million, thirty-one Latter-day Saints have been called by the First Presidency to serve as Regional Representatives. They come from twelve states of the U.S. and four foreign countries.

These men have an outstanding record of service to the Church. Twenty-six of them are former stake presidents; seven have already served as Regional Representatives; and seven have been mission presidents. One has served as an area supervisor for the Presiding Bishopric, while three have served as stake patriarchs. They range in age from 39 to 71, with their average age just over 52.

They represent geographical diversity, too: Uruguay, Tonga, Argentina, and eastern Canada have provided one Latter-day Saint each in this group of new Regional Representatives; seven more come from California, five from Utah, four from Idaho, two from Washington state, and one each from Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Wyoming.

The newly called Regional Representatives are Marion J. Callister, J. Elliot Cameron, John K. Carmack, Ferren L. Christensen, John Mack Richards Covey, Lloyd G. Davis, William A. Fresh, Edwin B. Jones, J. Talmage Jones, Rheim M. Jones, F. Arthur Kay, W. Donald Ladd, Ronald Lee Loveland, Philip F. Low, Jay Nichols Lybbert, William Baird Martin, Roberto Mazal (Nuthes), David L. Morton, Glenn E. Nielson, Eldon C. Olsen, Tonga Toutai Paletu’a, Vern R. Peel, William J. Pratt, Lloyd M. Rasmussen, Seth D. Redford, Derald P. Romney, Nathan C. Tanner, Wilford E. Thatcher, Juan Adrian Walker, J. Clifford Wallace, and J. Ballard Washburn.