Church Gives Genealogy to President Jimmy Carter
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“Church Gives Genealogy to President Jimmy Carter,” Ensign, Aug. 1977, 79

Church Gives Genealogy to President Jimmy Carter

When Thomas Carter left England in 1632, he could hardly have dreamed that the land he was going to—Virginia—would someday be part of an independent nation. Nor would he have guessed that twelve generations later one of his descendants would be the president of 220 million people in that country!

W. Don Ladd, Regional Representative of the Twelve, and Thomas E. Daniels of the Genealogical Department of the Church presented a family tree and a leather-bound volume of genealogical information on the Carter family to the President on 31 May.

The book included a letter to President Carter from President Spencer W. Kimball, in which he spoke of the Latter-day Saints’ “deep reverence and gratitude for our ancestors, which in turn gives us greater sense of responsibility to our posterity.”

President Carter found the Church’s research “very exciting to me,” and he said, “I look forward to studying the chart. This is an area of knowledge I’ve never had.” The two-inch thick volume included several 8-by-10-inch pedigree charts and family group sheets, along with a research summary of each line researched and what was still missing from those lines. This is the first time the Church has ever given such a gift to a president of the United States.