New Emphasis In Genealogy

“New Emphasis In Genealogy,” Ensign, Sept. 1976, 90

New Emphasis In Genealogy

A policy aimed at simplifying genealogical procedures went into effect August 1.

Under the new policy, patrons of the Genealogical Department will no longer be required to record ordinance dates when temple ordinance work has been completed for their dead. When records have been cleared for temple ordinances, the patron will receive a code number for the submitted name. This number will indicate that the ordinance work will be done, and the patron can complete his family records. Previously the records were not considered complete until the actual ordinance dates were received.

George H. Fudge, Director of the Genealogical Department, says that the policy is “a change in emphasis. The member of the Church who is not involved in research on his family lines does not necessarily need to have the ordinance dates anywhere in his records. His main concern should be that the work is done, and that is where the code number would apply.

“We need to remember that the official record of temple ordinances is here in Salt Lake City and not in individual homes.”

Brother Fudge says that if there is a real need for the ordinance dates, this information may be obtained by either personally consulting the Computer File Index (CFI), copies of which are in most branch libraries and are available to meetinghouse libraries or Family Group Record Archives, or by requesting a search of the Genealogical Department files.

A new request form, “Temple Ordinance Indexes Request” (stock number PFGS0073, Distribution Centers), will be used to provide this information. Inasmuch as patrons are no longer required to record ordinance dates for their deceased ancestors, the Genealogical Department will charge for providing this service. Each search in each individual file will cost fifty cents. If a patron is seeking information on one name from each of the three record files it will cost $1.50. Payment must accompany the request form.