The Worth of Fathers

“The Worth of Fathers,” Ensign, June 1974, 25

The Worth of Fathers

All fathers can’t be great fishermen, or auto mechanics, or singers, or champion ball players. But more important, no one expects them to be. The point to remember is that every father—every parent—has certain abilities which can bring family success, abilities which can be multiplied with love, patience, and understanding.

One father may understand and relate well to his ten-year-old son but have great difficulty with his five-year-old child. That does not mean he is a failure as a father, only that he has greater ability in dealing with one age group than another. One father may find it easy to read a story to his child, while another is more comfortable playing a game. But neither one is a poor parent because he has limitations. In the eyes of children, the worth of a father is measured in terms of love, not in degree of ability.

J. Spencer Kinard, “The Spoken Word,” June 17, 1973